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Revolutionizing Lead Generation for Benefits and Healthcare Advisers:

Unveiling NextGen Benefits' Leads Machine Program

Welcome to the future of lead generation! We're thrilled to share groundbreaking news fresh from the 2024 ASCEND Agency Growth & Leadership Summit in Atlanta – the official launch of NextGen Benefits' game-changing Leads Machine program.

This cutting-edge automated marketing solution is set to redefine the landscape for benefits and healthcare advisers, offering a streamlined approach to pipeline enhancement without the usual burdens of time, resources, and effort.

The Struggle is Real

In the dynamic world of brokers and advisers, the struggle with marketing challenges and expenses is all too familiar. Countless professionals find themselves investing substantial time and effort into chasing cold leads, often with minimal results to show for their hard work.

Introducing The Leads Machine

Enter the Leads Machine – an affordable, efficient program designed to deliver only qualified warm prospects to advisers. Leveraging curated NextGen content, this program takes a unique approach by blending industry-specific business content with relevant lifestyle content. The result? A strategic and meaningful relationship-building process.

A Multi-Faceted Approach

But that's not all. The Leads Machine goes beyond traditional methods. When a prospect responds to a marketing message, the warm prospect funnel comes into play. Advisers can now send personalized video postcards and unique gifts, such as drones and night vision goggles, acting as metaphors for the prospect's health insurance situation. Monthly educational webinars further drive engagement through audits, surveys, and other strategic calls to action.

From Chasing Leads to Closing Deals

Unlike traditional methods where advisers find themselves chasing cold leads, the Leads Machine generates a manageable number of highly warm opportunities. This shift allows advisers more time and a greater chance to focus on what they do best – closing deals.

Cost-Effective Excellence

What's even more exciting is that NextGen Benefits is offering brokers and advisers a comprehensive, professional marketing program at a fraction of the cost compared to implementing a similar program within an agency.


Get in Touch!

For those eager to learn more about The Leads Machine program, we invite you to reach out to Steven Amiel at [email protected].

This innovative program marks a new era in lead generation for benefits and healthcare advisers. Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your approach and elevate your success with NextGen Benefits' Leads Machine.

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